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I am an NGO Photographer. I work with non-profits to capture stories, events, document projects and convey the heart of a cause through imagery. With a background in anthropology and several years work experience with NGOs, I am very at home in the non-profit industry and well suited to understand the needs of organisations looking to document and publicise their work through photos.


My work and personal projects have taken me to Namibia, Botswana, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, England, Scotland, Australia and more. The types of projects I have documented include peacebuilding projects, refugee work, counter-human trafficking, orphan care, support and education centres for children, remote Bible translation projects, and rural church planting.


As well as being a photographer and anthropologist, I am an artist, an explorer, an aspiring minimalist and a lover of peace, quiet, hiking, friends, cosy evenings at home, and cats.


Essentially, my mission is to be an asset, supporter and comrade to those doing the inspiring and challenging work of social justice.

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